2017-2018 Staff

Kendyl Beam

Staff Writer

Hey what's up, I'm Kendyl and I am a junior at Gresham High School. I have been on the Argus staff for 2 years. On Saturdays you can find me watching college football and laying with my dogs.

Amellia Wells

Staff Writter

Hey, I'm Amellia Wells. I'm 17 years old, and I'm a Junior at Gresham High School (obviously). This is my first year on newspaper and my last. I enjoy watching Netflix and Vine compilations eryday ("eryday" was on purpose). I...

Katie Cruz

Staff Writer

I'm Katie Cruz and I'm 17 years old, I'm am a staff writer for the Gresham Argus and I enjoy writing stories for you all to read. I enjoy reading books, listening to some jams, and love the show Stranger Things .  "I smell like...

Kayla Hoyt

Staff Writer

My name is Kayla I'm a sophomore. This is my first year being in Newspaper. I love playing soccer, been playing since I was eight. Favorite subject is geometry because the work is easy lol. I also watch a lot of Grey's Anatomy.

Madelyn Jones

Online Manager

Hi, I'm Madelyn Jones. I am seventeen years old, and I am a junior at Gresham High School. I have been apart of The Argus for two years, and I am the online manager. I like to spend time with my friends and family.  

Anice Sogiar

Staff Writer

I'm Anice Sogiar, I'm 17 years old, and this is my first year being part of The Argus here at Gresham High School as a Staff Writer. In my free time I like to watch vine compilations and Harry Potter... "Hi, welcome to chili's"

Samantha Acosta

staff writer

-Junior @ Gresham High -Staff Writer for the Argus -I enjoy English more than my other classes, so that means I like reading a lot - I like Bob's Burgers way too much

Omar Carrillo

Associate Editor

I'm a true connoisseur of all media,😩👌🏻 know way too much about Star Wars (or not enough), and only a little pretentious. Literally the only male on this entire staff.

Angelica Smith

Staff writer

-Sophomore -I attend Gresham High School -Staff writer -My favorite subject is English because I love to learn new ways to express myself -I practice Taekwondo and I'm currently a blue belt