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Part I: Teachers staying here experience bittersweet emotions for those leaving

The heartache over losing many young staff members to other opportunities has caused the feelings of those staying to waver between distraught and happiness for the future of the school, themselves and their departing co-workers. For many of the remaining staff members, the reason why they reside here is due to the amount of time … Continue reading

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Skater skirts become booming trend as weather gets warmer

As the weather continually gets warmer and people start dressing in bright, vivid clothing, a simple yet sophisticated clothing article is particularly favored among girls here. The skater skirt, also known as a circle skirt, has caught the eyes of fashionistas around campus. A popular article during the early-mid 1900’s, this trend has been brought … Continue reading

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Dress code to be more specific, changed each year to fit students’ style

During school hours on campus, hundreds of different clothing styles can be seen. From maxi skirts to faded jeans, prairie tops to crop tops, and pajamas to spaghetti straps. Some are deemed inappropriate by the dress code, while others are not. Everyone has a different interpretation on what the school dress code policy is, and … Continue reading