School welcomes new Vice Principal

  Due to vice principal, Aki Mori leaving last year, the search for a new person to take that position was on.

  “Mr. Mori has left for his own reasons,” Principal John Koch said. “He found a school that was closer to his home, and wanted to support his family from a closer distance.”

  The process of getting a new vice principal can be very stressful and difficult.

  “It takes a quite a long time to get it all sorted out,” Koch said. “We go through a long process.”

  There are certain things that Koch expects when searching for a new principal.

  “There’s a lot of things,” Koch said. “I look at their experience with being in other schools whether it’s elementary, middle, or high school.”

  Another thing that Koch thought was important was being able to work with the other staff members, and making the team stronger.

  “We chose Ms. (Aimee) Alexander-Shea because of that reason.” Koch said. “She has the ability to help other teachers, and is great because she can also mentor them as well.”

   Although Alexander-Shea has never been a vice principal, she has a diverse background in teaching and administrating.

  “I’ve been an administrator for 13 years now,” Alexander-Shea said. “So with that I took the advantage of, I guess, being vice principal.”

   Alexander-Shea stated that her first impression was a lot different than what she thought of.

   She thought that it would be tough to adjust to the school.

   “I loved it,” Alexander-Shea said. “They were all welcoming, the staff, and students as well. I adjusted fast, it feels like family, and has a warm environment.”

   Alexander-Shea’s progress so far of being vice principal has been better than expected.

   “I have already went through helping students, and I was worried about that,” Alexander-Shea said. “But everything went great, and I’m slowly getting into it.”

   Alexander-Shea’s time since she has came has been great.

   “It’s been a great time since I’ve came,” Alexander-Shea said. “I was worried because it’s such a big school, and I didn’t really know anyone.”

    Danelle Heikkila has been an assistant principal for seven years, and was involved in the process of finding a new vice principal.

       “I was in the process of finding a new vice principal,” Heikkila said. “It was tough but we made a decision and we are happy we choose Ms.Alexander-Shea.”

       Although it may be exciting to have a new vice principal, to Heikkila it was quite sad to see Mori leaving.

       “He is one of my favorite people in the world,” Heikkila said. “And to see him leaving it was sad, but at the same time I was happy for him because he found a school that he got the opportunity to work at another school.”IMG_7426

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