The Search For Guest Speakers

  As graduation approaches, the search for the next guest speaker starts up again. As with most other decisions, leadership takes charge of who will be the next guest speaker at graduation.

  When January comes around, leadership starts to gather a list of teachers who are interested in being a guest speaker and have not received the chance to. Leadership then narrows it down to a few teachers. A voting process then takes place, the activities director also has a say in who will be the next guest speaker.

  “We usually get a list of teachers interested that haven’t got the chance to speak in the close previous years,” senior Emma Triplett said.

  Biology teacher Robert Winters was the guest speaker at last year’s graduation ceremony. The process for Winters involved being approached by leadership. He then spoke to several people including Brian Currier who was a speaker before him and Jason Behr who was in charge of the ceremony before writing his speech.

  “I wrote several drafts and ran those drafts past several people,” Winters added, “It was a wonderful experience.”

  While the process is not spread out to include the entire senior class when making a decision, it is senior leadership that makes the say. All of whom were voted on by their class. Activities Director Ty Gonrowski has also stated that leadership is willing to take suggestions from anyone in the senior class who want someone specific.

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