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Roberts Reports On GHS Matters


GHS Matters is a new show / YouTube series hosted by junior Melanie Roberts about events and activities in the school. There has been 3 episodes so far.

GHS Matters airs on channels 21 on Comcast and 32 on Frontier as well as being posted on Youtube. Metroeast Community Media is where the show is produced and broadcasted. The show is about anything going on including sports, activities and student achievements. The first two episodes have been about sports, one about the swim team and one about wrestling.

“I didn’t know Melanie before the show but she’s enjoyable to work with along with the rest of the crew which are my two brothers,” assistant producer Charles Larson said.

According to Roberts her biggest challenge in starting this show was getting her crew together. She wanted to start her show in September but ended up having to wait till January.

“I thought it was cool to see my friends talk about swimming and their experiences on the team,” freshman Abby McDevitt said.

People can also direct message Melanie or @ghsmatters on Instagram with any ideas or requests on what want to see on the show.

“After taking journalism and newspaper classes, I realized that I have a passion for interviewing students with what they are currently involved in doing, such as performing arts, sports, clubs, leadership,” Roberts said.

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