Finals Week

The dreaded ‘finals week’ is well underway. After being put out one week due to missed school days, finals week is finally here.

Finals week can bring stress on anyone. From freshman to seniors, finals can be stressful. Whether you have test anxiety or just have a bad grade in a class, finals aren’t exactly comforting. The whole point of finals is to see what you’ve learned. Some schools have all of their classes all day long, typically only for two days. Schools like ours have only two periods a day, only one on Wednesday and no school on Friday.

“I think the schedule is good because it gives us time to study and take breaks” said sophomore Chelsy Cortes.

Stress can be a common thing when it comes to finals or just high school in general. Having one test that can make or break your grade can put a lot of pressure on yourself. As you go through high school, you kind of get the hang of finals. The process of preparing can become a lot easier.

“For me, it is very stressful because it is my last year and everything has to look good for college” senior Dominic Denton said.

Preparing for finals can start months in advance. Keeping up to date on notes and assignments are just everyday things you can do to make sure you know everything for finals. The final test in classes are on everything you have learned through the first semester or the whole year. Preparing for it can be overwhelming, especially when the test is over the whole year.

“I prepare for finals by breaking down all of my classes individually and going step by step with everything I have learned that semester” said sophomore Tyson Gradwhal.

Everyone has their own way to make it through finals. Taking time to prepare and get everything ready for all the tests will pay off. Finals may not ever be your favorite thing about the school year, but at least you can relax afterwards.

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