How clubs benefit you for college

Within the school there are many clubs that help you stand out to universities. A variety of our students participate in activities that benefit them for a better college application.
Getting involved in outside of the classroom activities can give you many valuable skills for life after high school. Extra curricular activities help show colleges who you are. According to Portland State, common activities you want to highlight in your application include leadership roles, school clubs, sports, and volunteer experience along with work history.
“Colleges are looking for experience that demonstrates your commitment, maturity, and leadership,” Jo Eckhardt, Senior Key Club President said.
By showing such a commitment you show your potential college that you are ready to take on the challenges of being a college student.
A large group that most students are involved in is National Honors Society. NHS is a volunteer organization you get into by maintaining good grades. From there you complete service hours that can be put on your application.
“We work to provide opportunities for the students of NHS”, said Kacy Childress, Senior President of the organization.
In the NHS meetings they discuss how they want to help the environment such as give work and attend different events that will benefit the group as well as the community.
“The more clubs you’re involved in the better it looks”, says Jo Eckhardt, president of Key Club.
Key Club is a national organization that promotes volunteering, leadership, and serving others. The club welcomes students to volunteer with friends so they can enjoy themselves throughout laughter and conversation while also bringing joy to those that they help. Officers of the club make sure to choose fun volunteering opportunities that are easily accessible and will place the students in positions of leadership so that they can continue to grow as leaders of GHS.
“We believe that having fun and volunteering go hand in hand” said Eckhardt. To be a member of Key Club, you must pay a $15 due that go towards Key Club international, as well as complete two club requirements. “Each member must attend 75% of the meetings which are logged throughout the year”
The club meets twice a month on alternating Wednesday’s in Mr. Gardenhire’s room at lunch. At those meetings the president and other officers make any new announcements that are pressing, followed by a slideshow presentation. It is encouraged each year to take on greater positions of leadership by running for Key Club council, so that students of all grades have a chance to learn how to manage a club, plan events , handle finances, and have business interactions with professional organizations.
“Key Club on a college application is very large because it shows that a student likes to be included in their school and community which can really benefit you for college” Eckhardt said.

The Humanitarian club also has a big part in showing your commitment to your community. The club focuses on providing volunteer opportunities and strives to make its members more culturally aware through the stories of others with documentaries. Anyone is invited to come to the meeting, which are held on Fridays during lunch. Senior Julieta Solis, and president of the Humanitarian club says, “I remember having an interview with a college admissions person, and they told me that my work in club, and the GSA, and my vice presidency of MEChA showed my leadership skills and that they would aid me later in college.” To the members of the club, It gives off a sense of responsibility and awareness.

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