Snoball Rescheduled

As the majority of the school knows by now, our annual winter formal, Snoball, was rescheduled twice.  Due to inclement weather, faculty decided to postpone the dance because incoming weather would be too dangerous for students to travel to the school.

  The first time it was canceled was because local meteorologists suspected that there would be a major snow and ice storm and, indeed, there was. Since Snoball was rescheduled, it made some students frustrated. Other students were happy to have it postponed so they could get all the details finished like dresses, or dinner reservations.

  “It was frustrating” Said senior Hannah Hemstead, “Especially since I have a job and it’s not always easy to get days off, especially weekends.”

  It was again rescheduled to January 28th due to inclement weather. Along with students attending, people who put on the dance had a hard time rescheduling different vendors.

  “I thought the first time, remaking signs and posting it online was okay but as it kept getting postponed, it got a little annoying.” said junior ASB member Kiana Rodriguez.

  The decision to postpone Snoball twice was a hard one to make. Days in advance, faculty kept up to date on the incoming weather and what would be the safest for students. Contacting vendors was an all day process for activities director,Ty Gonrowski. Making sure vendors would be available for the new dates has it’s challenges. On the day of Snoball, there was an all day dance competition at Canby, as well as the SAT exams that may have caused conflict for students wanting to attend.

  “When we postpone events, we take a lot into consideration.” Gonrowski said, “I spent a lot of time on the phone seeing if different vendors would be available.”

 Although rescheduling Snoball was a frustrating inconvenience for some students, it was the best and safest option. Faculty made the best decision they could and put everything in perspective. In total, approximately 315 tickets were sold and about 20 tickets were refunded. Snoball was successfully held on January 28th and there was no reason to have it rescheduled a third time.

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