Spring Fest Gets Cancelled Rather Abrubtly

   There are few events that match the excitement that Springfest has brought year after year. After being planned to take place in june, Springfest 2017 was abruptly cancelled.

IMG_2949 (1)

The Gresham High School Staff Lot, Where Spring Fest Occurred Last Year                          Credit: Tyler Budge

  It was scheduled for friday, the 10th of June. Normally spring fest takes place every other year, but this year we were promised a second year in a row of Springfest. There were several factors that went into this decision from leadership and it was cancelled before any real preparations were made.

  “…We had lost so many days because of snow… we didn’t really push for Springfest..” Chelsy Cortes Sophomore on student council said.

  It was partially due to the fact that it would have landed on an awkward time for the underclassmen and juniors, because they would still have had almost a month to go in school.

   Another factor that may have had some indirect influence was the activities director and student council advisor Ty Gonrowski had to leave early this year for paternity leave. For students, it was a rough reality that set in when student council officially announced it was over.

  “It really bummed us out because it’s our last year and it would’ve been a cool experience to leave with,” senior Tyler Kruckman, said.

  Decisions like this one are hard to make, especially when you see all the people it affects. It was deemed necessary to end just because there was too much happening. It would have been overwhelming for leadership to try and push for it with all the commotion taking place.

  The good news for all underclassmen and juniors is that there will be Springfest next year.

  “It’s unfortunate for the seniors… but they had one last year anyways… it shouldn’t be considered that big of a deal.” sophomore Evan Olson, said.

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