Wingstop opens with friendly atmosphere

Wingstop has a variety of chicken and wings to choose from.  It's wonderful food will satisfy many.

Wingstop has a variety of chicken and wings to choose from. It's wonderful food will satisfy many.

Wingstop has a variety of chicken and wings to choose from. It's wonderful food will satisfy many.

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Having once been Nancy’s Floral Shop, the new funky restaurant called Wingstop has opened its unique, country-themed doors to local customers here.

The spacious restaurant is located in the Gresham Trail Shopping Center area off of Burnside Road and is open seven days a week from 11 a.m. until midnight.

When entering the clean restaurant,  enthusiastic country music plays while consumers are welcomed with a friendly, “Hello.”

Large posters of fresh wings attract customers to order from the neat and colorful menu. With the choice of either standing in line or sitting on a bench waiting to order, each individual patron may take as long as they want to order.

The menu gives consumers a choice to choose from a few different categories. Under the individual combo section, patrons have the option to choose boneless or classic wings which comes with the choice of sauce, dip, fresh cut fries, and a 20-ounce drink.

Wingstop has ten different wing flavors which include teriyaki, Hawaiian, garlic parmesan, lemon pepper, hickory smoked BBQ, mild, Louisiana rub, original hot, cajun and atomic for only 39¢ more.

The boneless teriyaki chicken wings seem to melt in each patron’s mouth, and undoubtedly, the sweet and crisp taste will leave them feeling satisfied.

Combo plates include 6-10 wings, and depending on how hungry one is, the prices range from $8.29-10.99.

Another wonderful choice would be the Glider sandwich topped with mayonnaise, pickles, a crispy chicken patty and the choice of mild or spicy sauce to give it a slight kick.

Family packs are offered but are more expensive. Similar to the individual combo, patrons have the option to order boneless or classic chicken wings ranging from $23.99 for 25 people to $84.99 for 100 people. These meals come with a few sides such as fries and veggie sticks along with a choice of different flavors and dips.

Under another section on the menu board, each customer may order 10 pieces of wings starting at $7.99 to 100 pieces at $79.99.

Many sides include fries, baked beans, veggie sticks, baked yeast rolls, cole slaw and potato salad.

One should be sure to not skip the french fries. With the taste of potato, salt and pepper each consumer will not have any trouble finishing the scrumptious warm treat. These french fries offer a seasoned buttery taste which compare to no other.

Patrons have a wide variety of where to sit. While waiting for their food, they can watch television, listen to the country music or just enjoy the feel of the nice cozy restaurant. Also, many signs and posters are scattered throughout the walls for patrons to read.

One exclusive aspect of the restaurant is each table is covered in 1940s newspaper ads and articles. An old Coca-Cola ad says, “Paused go refreshed Coca-Cola on sale at subway newsstands [for] $.5.” Although students may enjoy the feel of the 1940s, the pricing of the food may not be fitting for their budget because the food definitely reflects the pricing of this decade.

Customers may not pick up this at first, but once their meal is done, they will surely notice that Wingstop has no visible trash cans. Once each individual finishes their food, they have to hand their trash up to the counter for the employees to dispose.

Overall, the unique restaurant will have no trouble keeping its doors open. With many sports televisions and good food, every customer will feel at home. Even though it may seem spendy, patrons should stop on by and visit to treat themselves to the wonderful taste of wings.


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Wingstop opens with friendly atmosphere