Ethan Smith works in English class.
Creating a stress free second semester
Alex Roy, Staff Writer • March 12, 2020

   A new year means a new semester and for many students new classes, which can cause stress and anxiety. New teachers and classes can cause anxiety and lots of stress for students. In new classes, there are often different...

IB program to be removed from GHS in 2021
Yulia Burdak, Staff Writer • March 12, 2020

   On Thursday morning of Jan. 9, IB coordinator Alan Simpson entered the school solemnly, with Wednesday’s after-school meeting looming over his head. A meeting in which staff was told that the IB program, which has...

Jobs in high school offer opportunities for life long learning
Soleil Williams February 23, 2020

   If you're thinking about getting a job, here are some things you might consider:   You should always keep an open mind. You might not get a call back right away and this doesn't necessarily mean you did not...

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Dance team and coaches at nationals
Congrats to the Dance Team
June 8, 2019

GHS Dance team went to the State Competition and placed 8th in 6A. We had Savannah Smith make the All-State Team and Mariah Garcia was the State Champion in Drill Down Winner. They...

The first thing you see when you pull up to the falls are these stairs that lead directly to the waterfall and river area. Be careful these stairs are often slippery and should be used with caution. The stairs themselves are made of mossy stone and are a beautiful addition to the falls.
Hiking Trails
Merisa Taylor, Staff Writer • May 3, 2019

Horsetail Falls   Vista House Sandy River Delta

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Pet Sematery Review
Merisa Taylor, Staff Writer, Page Designer • June 5, 2019

Spoiler alert! Please do not proceed if you do not wish for the plot of Pet Sematery to be revealed.  “Pet Sematery” was released in theaters on April 5th this...

Book cover for Weak Heart by Ban Gilmartin.
Weak Heart Review
Simon Scannell, Staff Writer, Page Designer, Associate Editor • June 5, 2019

Prepare yourself to get wrapped up in the story of Thomas, a magician who can’t seem to get anything right, Isla, a selkie trying to find her best friend, and the Isle of...

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IT Chapter 2 cover photo
IT Chapter 2 Movie Review
Alex Roy, Staff Writer • October 28, 2019

IT Chapter 2, released September 2, 2019, continues the story of the characters from the original movie IT.  Chapter 2’s storyline goes between the past and the present....

Humans of GHS: What are your summer plans?
Leland Spencer, Staff Writer, Page Designer • June 8, 2019

Lisha Loud, freshman-I am going to get a job at concerts and events. I will also attend Volleyball camps. Anthony Kindred, junior-I will throw pool parties at the...

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