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Letter to the Editors/Comments:

Gresham’s student newspaper, the Argus, is a public forum and is published to inform students and community members of news, activities, and issues that affect our school community.

The articles published under the Argus are the work of student journalists that have the freedom of speech protected by the First Amendment and Oregon Law. Work published on this site is produced under the ethical guidelines established by the editorial board. The main goal is to represent the school well, while uncovering the truth, expressing ideas and representing best intentions.

Any opinions expressed in Op-Eds are that of the journalist. Opinions shared in the editorial are the sentiments of the staff, written by a staff member, who will anonymously represent the stance of the entire newspaper.

Any students who wish to voice an opinion on an issue or respond to the newspaper’s content are encouraged to do so by writing a Letter to the Editor or posting a comment.  The Argus welcomes all letters, although the letters will be published at the discretion of the editorial board and unsigned letters will not be considered.  Letters can either be delivered to the publication room or submitted electronically.

The Argus reserves all right to edit all letters for grammar, obscenity, clarity, length, and libel. Comments or letters that are vulgar, incendiary or intentionally cruel will not be published. We encourage dialogue, passion, and debate, but we will not promote ineffective or insulting transactions.



These will only be printed in the event that facts or quotes cannot be supported by the official documentation of the reporter.  Unpublished written apologies may be issued at the discretion of the editorial board if a reader feels that their personal beliefs or ideas have been misrepresented by a story or if the article is not found to be factual.



The Argus will not accept advertisements that promote drugs, alcohol or criminal or unsafe behavior. All advertisements must encourage a healthy lifestyle and a positive message for students and community members.


Story idea submission

All ideas are welcome and encouraged. Leads can be submitted electronically or in person. Stories must then be researched by the staff and undergo the story pitch cycle to be considered. Not all story ideas will make it to publication, but we still welcome suggestions, so as continue to embrace the diverse nature of public education.