Senior Quotes will not be in Yearbook for this year

   A senior quote is something most students look forward to for a long time. But, due to many arising problems, they will not be included in the yearbook this year.

  This year a shockingly small amount of seniors had turned in their photos by the due date, only 89. This would mean having to have near 300 seniors camera shy. So, the yearbook staff ultimately decided that everyone who didn’t submit their photo would have to use their ID card photo instead. This created a new problem entirely, there were too many photos. So, to save space, the senior quotes were taken out of the picture.

  “This out of my last 12 years is the worst performing senior class for photos ever.” Brad Cook, yearbook advisor said.

  Something that will still be included are the student involvement lists below the photos. The decision to get rid of the senior quote was also because of all the time and work it takes to get them as well. Checking for spelling errors, innuendos and cursing all take a lot of time, and quite a few seniors don’t even want senior quotes.

Last years edition of the Yearbook, which included senior quotes. Credit Tyler Budge


  “Now with all the extra photos there’s not enough room. We have to change the layout as well, to fit more seniors per page.” Gabe Carsner, Yearbook Staff said.

  Many seniors are unhappy with this decision to cut the quotes from the yearbook. Seniors who are the most disgruntled are the ones who took the time to submit photos and quotes to go in the yearbook. So the blame can shift to yearbook, when really it should be on the seniors who did not submit a photo.

  “I’ve had my quote picked out since I was a freshman… It makes us all mad,” Senior Tyler Kruckman said.

  Overall nobody is really happy about the situation. The yearbook staff was forced to make a difficult decision due to the lack of student involvement. Hopefully this is something that can be avoided in the future and can serve as a reminder for classes to come that they should submit their photos on time.

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