Seniors at every school have it hard. It’s their last year of required high school. They tend to go through a lot with ACT or the SAT, college applications, scholarships, but most importantly graduation.
Seniors have to worry if they have enough credits or if they are going to attend college. Most of the seniors are full IB which is harder, they tend to do that because it looks good on college resumé.
“Trying to balance the whole workload being full IB, hard to balance and manage the different things I’m involved in,” said Kacy Childress.
“Know how to manage your time in what you’re involved with,” said Kadon Meigs
College is a big big part of a person’s future, it all depends on how things go. Apart from just getting good grades in high school you need more than that, you need out of school or in school extra curricular classes. There are clubs at school, sports, jobs and way more.
“Having all the applications; scholarship applications, college applications while doing sports and the other clubs in the school it’s hard to manage,” Kacy Childress.
Scholarships are big. There’s some for the type of classes you take, sports and even personal things. Scholarships take more than just filling out applications, there are letters of recommendation and essays. It takes time to look at what you might be able to apply to and see how you’re going to apply like online or an interview in person.
“Applied for a couple and I’ve gotten one, but the application process kinda sucks because you have to write a lot of essays, but when you see the dollar amount you earned is pretty cool,” said Austen Carpenter.
As sports help you into your resume also community service looks good. A lot of the student participate in many of the clubs in our school for example Key club or College Possible. Key club helps with resumes and to show you care about your community. College Possible is an after school program that helps you prepare for college, like it says. They prepare you for the ACT and the SAT, as in helping your community important they tend to give many opportunities for community service.
As first semester comes to an end, seniors are looking at grades, and finishing, but also keeping “senioritis” at bay, all of this is on top of looking at an uncertain future. Seniors have had major assistance planning their school and lives up to this point and after graduation, the world is theirs, hopefully they have made the most of their time in high school.

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