Swim Meet vs. Central Catholic on 1/19


Swim team prepares for their meet vs. Central Catholic High School on Jan 19. Senior Ocean Chau is swimming breaststroke in the Boys 200 Yard Medley Relay. In this relay the participant is required to swim two laps of either the butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke, and freestyle. Chau is one of four swimmers in this event. He is only swimming breaststroke in this medley relay.


Sophomore Ryan Burch is swimming freestyle during Boys 200 Yard Freestyle. Burch is one of the fastest swimmers on the boys team. He is able to show how fast he is when swimming in freestyle events. The boys 200 yard freestyle event requires Burch to swim eight laps. This picture shows Burch about ready to do a flip turn to begin the next lap.


Senior Carson Waldron takes a breath during breaststroke in the Boys 200 Yard IM. This event requires the participant to complete two laps each of butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke, and freestyle. Breaststroke can be difficult. The swimmer has to breathe with every stroke, which can slow the pace to complete this stroke. Waldron is more than halfway through this IM in this photo.


Sophomore Abby McDevitt is swimming the Girls 50 Yard Freestyle. Any 50 yard event is the shortest swimming event in competition. This is a two lap freestyle event. Junior Varsity and Varsity swimmers may participate in any 50 yard event. In this photo, McDevitt nears the wall before her flip turn to finish the final lap in this event.


Sophomore Chelsy Cortes-Martinez, junior Sarah Cochran, and Chau during a break in the swim meet. All swimmers have a 15 minute break halfway through their swim meets. Swim meets can consist of approximately 35 events and take a few hours to complete. Breaks are necessary for the scorekeepers to calculate current scores for all swimmers in completed events. These swimmers appear to be cooling down prior to the next events.


Junior Ivan Fesik is swimming the Boys 100 Yard Butterfly. The swimmer needs to complete four laps in this event. Fesik is one of the fastest swimmers on the boys team. He practices swimming year round at Mt. Hood Aquatic Center. Butterfly is a difficult stroke because of the stress it puts on your shoulders. Fesik appears to be flying as he swims butterfly during the Boys 100 Yard Butterfly.


Senior Bryn Lasher is swimming in the Girls 500 Yard Freestyle. This is the longest one in the competition. It takes 20 laps to complete this event. Lasher is the best swimmer on the girls team. Lasher is preparing to do her final flip turn to head into the last lap of this event. At the end of the meet our girls took a win with 112-43 and our boys lost from 106-62.

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