Vivian Ngo: The Beginning of a High School Teaching Career

New staff and mentors are always appreciated, especially those with the drive to teach and the passion to help students learn and actively strive to learn.

  With a very fair amount of teaching experience already under her belt, including years tutoring and teaching overseas in South Korea, first-time chemistry teacher Vivian Ngo is determined to try her best when it comes to making sure her pupils are prepared to learn and successful in doing so. She may be young, but don’t let that fool you; she is qualified to take part in the education of future generations.

  Since her time in high school, she was always interested in science, including the teaching aspect of it. Originally wanting to be a pediatrician, she later decided a more comfortable career path for herself in the profession, requiring a bit more direct form of teaching.

  “I knew I wanted to work with kids. I’ve always known that. So I started tutoring at a middle school, and that’s kinda where I started to fall in love with the idea of teaching.” She said.

  Her interests don’t end there. She was, and still is, very interested in becoming an english teacher, having earned her other degree on the subject.

  Ms. Ngo definitely seems ready to go when it comes to mentoring her students. The question is, has she made a good impression?

  Sophomore Ricardo Vasquez is enrolled Ms. Ngo’s chemistry class.

  “She gets you prepared for the test really well, the notes she provides you with are superb. They might be lengthy but they are super helpful when it comes to testing time.” Said Vasquez.

With Finals week just coming to a close, this is a very important thing both students and teachers alike should take advantage of.

  Sophomore Eric Stockfleth noticed a refreshing trait that he felt wasn’t present in other teachers as often.

  “Ms. Ngo is a really casual teacher but she still teaches the curriculum well.” Said Stockfleth.

  Certainly Ngo knows what she is doing so relatively early into this career, it seems like she and the school have a connection already that serves as a medium for her to achieve those goals she has worked hard to reach.

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