A tour inside of the Child Development Center


This is Gresham High’s Child Development Center. Child Care and Development, Child Behavior, and Child Care Cadet are classes run by Julianne Standish. The following photos are about stations preschoolers use during the Child Care and Development class. For more information on the other classes, see Standish in Room 601.


This is the Homeliving Station. At this station you’ll see preschoolers pretending to be: mom, dad, an animal, etc. The kids use their imagination to learn, practice, and play.


This is the Blocks Station. In this area, preschoolers build and create structures with Legos and wooden blocks.


This is the Learning Station. Here preschoolers are solving problems and working on fine motor skills through putting together puzzles and playing board games.


This is the Craft Station. You’ll see preschoolers developing fine motor skills by using glue and scissors to create amazing art crafts.


The Painting Station can be a little messy. At this station you’ll often see preschoolers painting with their hands as they learn about the different colors.


The Sensory Station has a tub filled with mystery items where the preschoolers have opportunities to touch, feel, and experience different textures.


This is the Explore Station. Preschoolers learn numbers and some basic math and science skills.At this station you’ll see preschoolers learning their math and science skills by learning numbers and weighing how many toys are on each weighing machine.


This is the Creative Station. Preschoolers are developing fine motor skills as they create art using paper, glue, scissors, markers, and stamp pads.


The Book Corner Station is where preschoolers can be seen reading books. The children really enjoy when the high school teachers spend time reading with them.


After a day of inside play at the different stations, it’s good for 3-5 year olds to have opportunities to play outside on the playground as they develop gross motor skills and social etiquette.

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