AVID field trip encounter on MAX


Throughout the year AVID provides their classes with opportunities to explore many colleges, and give students a chance to plan for success. This brings us to a field trip that took place on June 2, 2017.

  All AVID classes were taken to the following locations OHSU, PNCA and Mercy corps, they arrived at these locations by taking the MAX and by foot. The trip was supposed to be from first period to seventh.

“Something unusual happened, a guy started to pester my friends and my teacher, one of my friends had asked the man to leave us alone, he went back muttering (profanities) to himself,” Alyssa Price said.

  This situation took place while all students were on the MAX heading back to Gresham High School, as students were gathered together going about their day a man had approached them with racial and disturbing comments. “The MAX had halted at the next stop, the conductor had over heard these racial comments and then asked the man politely to leave,” Price said.

 This disgruntled the man, who proceeded to “ninja kick” the conductor. Minutes later an AVID student had to bring himself to jump in and remove the guy off the conductor this then involved the teachers and other adults throwing this agitated guy off the MAX.

 Authorities were called and the man had left before they arrived, leaving the conductor in the care of the paramedics, the injured conductor was replaced. “A few kids including myself had left to use the restroom after the incident, when we returned we noticed our class was no longer there,” Lizbeth Delgado said.

  The students were taken care of by police officers and escorted to the MAX, the remaining students were well taken care of as they continued their way back to school.

“I think that people need to learn that together one man is as good as a toothpick,” John-Jack Bogle said.

“As a teacher it’s your responsibility to make sure your students are safe and that they know how to get out of a bad situation, which is why we practiced scenarios so that they are well prepared,” Mr. Malan said.

Police arrested Steven Caldwell, 23, the top suspect in this ongoing investigation.  He was arrested two days after the incident with charges including misdemeanors.“We were all up for defending one another if it came to that, but on the ride home it was all laughs and smiles,” Price said.

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