Out with the old, in with the new


Proposed layout for Gresham High School


Many know that Gresham High is a old school, a very old school. The school opened in 1906 and that makes it 111 years old. With the school bond being accepted in November new changes are made for the school. The state of Oregon awarded the school district a construction of grant of $8 million.

          With the ceilings falling apart or leaks. Also when the weather changes here in Oregon, some classes won’t have heaters or ACs. Even the sinks in the bathrooms, the water would be very cold and won’t change temperature but the biggest thing that is the issue at this school is the pests. With mice running around, leaving mouse poop and to ants crawling around the school. There’s many updates and improvements that need to happen.

 First year Chemistry teacher, Ms. Ngo got an up close and personal view of Gresham this year.  “more than one real chemistry lab, more of a functional classroom for the teachers and students, sometimes the classes gets too warm or there’s not a enough chairs for students,”Ngo said.

 It’s that time where it does get hot and the classrooms feel to uncomfortable to be in and also there is only one classroom that is actually a science class. The others are just normal classrooms like Ms. Ngo.

 Students have a similar experience.  “better bathrooms, update the classrooms since there pretty old, have more charging stations like the one near the pool and also have a new paint job”, Joseph Robles said. When you look around outside you do see the paint all chipped and moldy. Even the classes look pretty old with the walls having cracks.

Some students have the experience at another school and then come to Gresham.  They have a unique perspective of what other schools are like.  Junior Nayely Ruiz came from a school in California.   “They should change the whole layout of the school, for the buses that come in and for the parents/kids who drive to school,” Ruiz said. In the front of the school is a very tight space and even the parking at Gresham high is pretty small.

          Gresham High does have some historic designs in the buildings like the ones in front of the school and in the new designs for the school they also still have those designs. The building will just be one, three story building and all the other buildings outside will be destroyed. Also there’s way more parking space and the layout will also be different. No decisions have been finalized but Gresham High school in the future will be constructing a building that will be 70% new.

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