Baseball Finishes Strong in the Playoffs


Varsity players standing up and supporting their teammates who are up to bat.

The varsity baseball team ended with a 23-7 record, compared to last year’s record of 8-10. The team made it to the quarterfinals and finished eighth in the state.

    “Overall as a team we believe that this season was really good,” senior Tyler Kruckman said.

     This season went a lot better than expected and the team is ready for another season.

     Senior Shemar Lenox said, “This season has been really great and it went a lot better than I thought it would go.”

     The coaches also believe the season was great.

    “Oh it was a fantastic season.” Coach Mike Melton said.

     The team made a big accomplishment this season as well.

    “We made it to the quarterfinals and anytime you do that in any sport that’s a great season.” Melton said.

    Some things that played a factor into being so successful this season was senior leadership and strong teamwork. However, there is always room for improvement and the team needs to focus on certain things next season.

   “ One thing we need to work on is to not underestimate some teams because we did that this season and threw away some games.” Melton said.

    Adding on to how to improve for the next season, Lenox said’ “To work on some more of our skills and get stronger.”

    Next season will be a little more challenging because a majority of the team were seniors.

    Melton said, “We’re going to have to fill some holes left by the seniors, so the juniors coming up will have some big roles to step into to get us back to where we were this year.”

    Next season the team will hopefully come back better than ever if the team does what is asked and pulls their weight.

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