Brink helps teach students the ‘Joy’ of Spanish

Bagg, AlisonTeaching with a immense amount of knowledge, Alison Brink helps students through learning the spanish language.

  Brink knew she wanted to be a teacher when she was young, for a multitude of reasons. At first she wanted to be a bilingual elementary school teacher. Instead, she became a high school teacher because of her experience with elementary school students.

  “I went to a practicum where I was working in an elementary school and a first grader who was very sweet came running up to me and had a cold. She had a drippy nose and wiped her face on my dress, then I learned I needed to be a high school teacher,” Brink said.

  Brink teaches freshmen, sophomores and juniors throughout the day, each class having varying levels of learners. Some knowing nothing about spanish, some know how to speak spanish, but not the grammatical aspect.

  In the classroom Brink tells to students to study as much as possible during the school year. The curriculum carries through the years, so students are not allowed to forget anything. Brink incorporates review into the class in the form of prezis.

  “It is stressful to know you can’t forget anything during the years you go through spanish but it is true,” sophomore Ryan Birch said.

  Brink carries energy throughout the school day to keep students focused. Students struggle early in the morning to concentrate on the work to be done. Brink’s solution is to bring an upbeat attitude to keep students engaged.

  Brink chose to go into the Spanish language field because she was a exchange student in Mexico and fell in love with both the language and the culture.

  Brink finds students to be interesting and thinks watching students learn and mature is really awesome.

  “It was a bit fast paced but Brink did explain what was going on in the class well,” sophomore Brian Hernandez said.

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