Overtones take on San Jose 2017


Overtones members Connor Henkle and Chloe Hallberg holding up winning trophy


Over Memorial Day weekend, the overtones choir flew to San Jose, California to compete in the Heritage Festival. Winning a total of 6 awards, they came out on top.

  The Overtones left Saturday May 27th to compete in San Jose. The Heritage Festival is a competition where high school performing arts programs come to sing against schools across the country. For overtones, this festival was one to remember after winning awards like; Chamber Choir Division, Outstanding Choir and the Adjudicator’s Award along with 3 soloists awards.

  “I learned a ton about competitions and discovered new techniques and tips from the conductors and judges there,”Sophomore Connor Henkle said.

  The Overtones competed in the competition, as well as visiting amusement parks and visiting local attractions.

  “Getting to do all the fun things together, like shopping and going to amusement parks was just so rewarding,”  sophomore Chloe Hallberg said.

By Kendyl Beam

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