Seniors leaving BSU

With the seniors leaving, the school’s Black Student Union (BSU) will be losing a majority of their members, but this will not stop them from succeeding.
The BSU is a group of students that get together to speak about world issues as well as issues in our community.
“We talked about pressing issues in media and society as well as coming together as students of color and friends,” graduated senior Jurnee Pope said.
Monaj Alexander, president of the club, believes the group will roll strong into next year and get more people involved.
“This year BSU participated in the first Unity in the Community event. The seniors went to planning meetings and gave ideas during the meetings,” Alexander said. “In the club they always kept the topics we were talking about interesting. They helped BSU be a success after reactivating the group.”
They plan to gain new members next year, and the years to follow, by making posters and personally inviting students to stop by and give it a try.
“My favorite thing about BSU was how open minded everyone was and is was great to meet new people, who are now friends,” graduated member Cheyanna Chambers said.
Before leaving off to graduation, the group had one last meeting to discuss plans for the future along with all the things they have learned in BSU and what they would like to carry throughout life. Each senior gave out their experiences, hopes, and goals.
“The new generation of members will offer a new perspective and positive energy to take on anything,” Pope said.
According to the students of BSU, everything will still run the same without the seniors, but it will never be the same without them.
“Having all their help and support really carried the team. We are all just an assortment of people that want the same thing, justice,” Alexander said.

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