By Madelyn Jones

   With the season already underway, cheerleading has been very successful. The team has gained many new members this year, and have combined JV and varsity to make one team. There is a total of 23 girls on the team this year.

  The majority of the team are new members, and with everyone being on a varsity team, it is a lot of pressure. Everyone works together to make sure the team is on track to better themselves as a whole.

  ”I think we’re going to be a successful team because we’ve already improved a lot and football season just begun. I participated in dance before cheer and it’s a lot different, it’s fun, but I had to learn different things and different habits,” junior Elly White said.

  Natalee Buskirk is a new team member this year. Buskirk is used to the techniques because she’s been on the dance team in the past, but she spontaneously decided to do something different this year. Buskirk has been going out of her comfort zone to learn new tricks. She’s been learning how to do back flips and back tucks.

  “Learning these techniques have been a challenge, but with the help and support of the team, I’m improving dramatically” junior Buskirk said.

  The cheer team has done a great job at working together to figure things out, for example while stunting, if the stunt gets shaky, the team works together to fix it so the flyer stays up and nobody gets hurt.

  “The season’s been really fun, and everybody has improved a lot. Whether it’s accomplishing new tumbling skills or getting a handle on their form, everyone has improved in  making our team a little better each time,” Buskirk said.

  The cheerleaders have not started competing yet, but they are striving to be able to do their best when the competition begins. For now they will continue to cheer our football team on and have a great season.

  “The season has had its ups and downs so far, we’ve made lots of progress but we still have a long way to go,” junior Kate Olvera said.

  The team wishes to improve by taking corrections since most of team is new and are still learning about the proper form. Taking the corrections can make it safer for everyone. The team is positive and many have good attitudes about how the upcoming season.

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