Gardenhire Changes Teaching Positions

   Jim Gardenhire, a beloved teacher here, has switched from teaching English to Economics and IB History of the Americas, after teaching English for nine years. This crazy twist of switching subjects has left students in shock.

  Many students have expressed a preference for Gardenhire as an English teacher, because of how much easier it was to understand the subject. This does not necessarily have much to do with his teaching style, but more with the subject, though.

  Gardenhire says that his teaching style is still the same. The reason students have difficulties with economics mainly has to do with the fact that some students just do not understand economics as much as English, or vise versa. He believes it has to do with the students and which subject they feel more invested in.

  “I’ve had a lot of really nice kids, but I haven’t seen a lot of change. The students that generally don’t care about English as much seem to care a little more about economics,” Gardenhire said.

  Junior Miranda Jackson explained that she struggles more in economics than she did in English with Gardenhire, because economics is generally a harder subject to understand, in her opinion.

  “I don’t understand what he teaches in econ, but I understood everything in English,” Jackson said.

  Junior Angela Bogdanets believes the reason people may prefer Gardenhire as an English teacher over a history teacher is because English is an easy, simple, subject.

  “Overall English is a lot easier (of a subject) than history, you have more freedom to write rather than a strict rubric but I think Gardenhire is adapting well,” Bogdanets said.

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