My First Goodbye

Kyle Asberry, GHS Student

The first day of rain that’s when you went away.

A sensation came that blew me away.

Stopped dead in my tacks,

Unaware of the black.

You came to me with nothing, but

A hug and strength to get through the day.

I didn’t find out till later that evening,

When all was dark and somewhat weary.

I cried and cried as regrets flowed in;

The memories too of all those plans.

You said goodbye and

I couldn’t reply.

The words mangled and

Broken, like untamed lies.

You’ll never be forgotten for all the feasts and meets.

I miss you with treats, as I feel

So weak. I wish not to be bleak,

but someday we’ll meet.

You live on in your family, including me.

Your home, empty without you as the cat

(Ben) meows for you.

No more sounds, no laughs, no cries,

Nothing but stale sorrows and bens warcry.

We’ll miss you and the stories

That followed, but as of today we’ll cherish the memories

And hold on forever.

You followed the light, straight up to heaven;

Where there’s no more pain or loss.

I wish you farewell, my great grandma.

Your smile brought the family together.

Sweet, caring, and kind is what you were.

Your gardens have grown and the cancer is gone.

Your life may have ended, but your soul will live on.

Family and friends say goodbye as God says hello.