Acrylic nails: trends and salons adjusting in the time of COVID-19


Natalia Marron, Staff Writer

   Nail art, shapes, and color have changed significantly throughout the decades. Current trends are typically shared through social media by teens and young adults. 

   ¨I feel like it’s just a way to show self-love and a way to express how you feel about yourself,¨ freshman Maritsa Cardoso-Bustamante said about nails.

   Nail styles vary from different textures, lengths, and designs.  Acrylics tend to run on the more expensive side, due to the amount of time and tools needed.

  ¨My average set right now is $80 and that’s medium nails with nail art. I specialize in sculpted nails which are nails sculpted on a natural nail by using what is called a form,¨ said nail technician Maria Madrid. 

Acrylics can be harder to do at home, but as COVID hit and nail salons closed, there was a shift that became more apparent. 

 ¨It wasn’t until about a year and a half ago that I dedicated my full time to nails. On average I have about 25 clients a month. And that is just a steady month. In a busy month like the holidays, I average about 35-40,¨ Madrid said. 

  Because of the closing of salons, more people began doing nails at home or reaching out to home-based nail technicians. Some just prefer not to go to nail salons.

   ¨I don’t choose to go to salons because they don’t properly clean tools,¨ freshman Magali Chanocua-Lopez said.

   While some returned to salons after the reopening, others continue to do their nails at home and have even started building a clientele. 

    ¨I go to one of my friends, she has her own business, and she’s only a year older than me,¨ Chanocua-Lopez said. 

   These types of nail technicians are referred to as home-based nail technicians and can be found locally or through social media. 

¨I’ve been doing nails for about a year and a half now. I find my clients through word of mouth or just posting consistently on my social Media @sculptedbymaria,¨ Madrid said.  

        Gel nails can be done easily at home, with kits and tools often packaged together online.

¨I got into nails when I was in high school, I had purchased an at-home kit at my local

Walmart and used YouTube as a resource to teach myself,¨Madrid said.

   Many people have certain preferences for their desired nail look and will often change them according to trends and seasons. 

   ¨I see that every holiday there are different nail trends. If it’s Christmas, it’ll be like snowflakes. If it’s like Valentine’s it’ll be hearts,¨ Chanocua-Lopez said. 

   One of the most common nail types is acrylic extensions, because of their diversity, popularity, and accessibility. 

   ¨I specifically got acrylics just because I really liked the different designs you can do on them,¨ Cardoso-Bustamante said. 

   Much can be said for future nail trends as they change over time, old nail trends have made a comeback such as squared nails and french tips.

  ¨I feel nail trends have been changing quickly. I definitely have seen old trends make a comeback and I think it’s great because they’re modern versions of old trends,¨Madrid said.