Pre-Season Record: 5-4

League Record: 5-10

Play-Off Record: L, 0-5 Play-In Game vs. @ Lincoln


Pre-Season Record: 5-3

League Record: 2-11

Play-Off Record: L, 4-9 Play-In Game vs. @ Crater

Girls Track

Overall Record: 2nd in Districts

State Record: 13th in State overall, 300m Hurdles- Leah Russell competitor, 3000m- Kennedy Martin 6th Place, Shot Put-Haley Crouser 1st Place, Discus- Olivia Raines 5th Place, Haley Crouser competitor, Javelin- Haley Crouser 1st Place

Boys Track

Overall Record: 4th in Districts

State Record: 19th in State overall, 4x100m Relay- Hunter Pattock, DeVauntae Hoffman, Emony Robinson, GG Brown competitors, 100m- DeVauntae Hoffman competitor, 110m Hurdles- Hunter Pattock competitor, Shot Put- Brian Salgado 3rd Place, Ken Onyima 4th Place, Long Jump- Micah Tolai competitor, Javelin-Kaleb Crimp 7th Place

Girls Golf

League Record: 4th in conference

Play-Off Record: Olivia Sheehan, 68th place in State

Boys Golf

League Record: 4th in conference

Play-Off Record: Austin Spicer, 15th place in State

Girls Tennis

League Record: 7-5

Play-Off Record: Jessica Emoto individual 5th Place, Aminah Khinnarath & Katrina Kwong competitors

Boys Tennis

League Record: 4-6

Play-Off Record: Blain Mott individual competitor


Boys Basketball 

Pre-Season Record: 10-3

League Record: 5-5

Play-Off Record: L, Play-In 46-44 @ Home vs. Aloha

Girls Basketball

Pre-Season Record: 5-6

League Record: 1-11

Play-Off Record: L, Play-In 54-44 @ McMinnville vs. McMinnville


Pre-Season Record: 2-2

League Record: 2-2

State Record: David Nelson 2nd class 132, Austin Long 6th class 145, Brady Dooley competitor

Girls Swimming

League Record: 2-3

State Record: Mosher 100 Butterfly 15th, Mosher 50 Freestyle competitor

Boys Swimming

League Record: 2-2

State Record: Mens 200 Medley Relay 15th, Jacobs 100 Breastsroke 11th, Parsons 500 Freestyle competitor



Preseason Record: 4-0

League Record: 4-1

Play-Off Record: L, First Round 39-38 @ Home vs. Roseburg

Boys Soccer

Preseason Record: 3-0

League Record: 1-6-3

Play-Off Record: L, Play-in @ Lakeridge 4-2

Girls Soccer

Preseason Record: 0-2

League Record: 9-3

Play-Off Record: L, First Round 1-0 @ South Eugene

Girls Cross Country

League Record: 2-6

Play-off Record: 9th in State

Boys Cross Country

League Record: 0-8

Play-Off Record: Did not place

Girls Water Polo

Preseason Record: 0-1

League Record: 3-9

Play-Off Record: L, First Game in State Tournament

Boys Water Polo

Preseason: 0-1

League Record: 2-10

Play-Off Record: Did no go


Preseason Record: 3-2

League Record: 8-4

Play-Off Record: 2-1, finished 4th

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