New venue for prom was mediocre

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On Apr. 13, prom was held outside at the World Trade Center. The venue was different than last year, as prom had been held inside at the Crystal Ballroom.

The general opinion of prom was that it was just different than last year’s. Students that went to both found that they liked the Crystal Ballroom better and that this year’s prom was just mediocre. After attending both proms, the Crystal Ballroom was indeed better and the general conscience is true.

According to junior Sophia Busse, the venue for prom was better last year, but the music was about the same. The Crystal Ballroom was better because the outside openness of the World Trade Center was awkward and seemed not as formal. Busse stated that it was like the public was part of the prom and when people first got to the prom it was freezing, but once they started moving, it was better.

Additionally, the prom would have been more suitable and formal had the pipe and drape arrived. It would have surrounded the outside, letting the World Trade Center become more formal and less open to the public.

The World Trade Center made everything feel super open, as it seemed like the people taking a stroll at the World Trade Center’s sidewalk that night suddenly became immersed in the prom.

According to senior Eric Johnsen, it was nice to be in Portland, but he wished the setup was better. Johnsen stated that it was a nice place to be, but there was no pipe and drape. The music was good because it could easily be heard and the acoustics sounded nice. The Crystal Ballroom was better last year because it was all-in-all a better venue.

The Crystal Ballroom may not have had as great of sounding acoustics but it was better than having the public hear the music and watch where the sounds were coming from.

Senior Quinn Santangelo had helped plan last year’s prom and stated that if she were to plan prom again, she would have had it at the Crystal Ballroom. Although she stated that she still had a lot of fun at this year’s prom.

According to Billy Manggala, who helped plan prom this year, he liked last year’s better. It was unfortunate that it was so cold this year and that the situation of planning an outside prom was harder than he originally thought it would be.

At first, the outside prom either excited or dragged the student body that was going and overall the prom turned out between the two; just alright. However last year’s prom seemed to still have good approval of the students.

There were some students that said they really enjoyed the venue.

According to senior Abby Bryant, she liked that prom was outside. It was cool even though it would have been better with the pipe and drape. She had more fun last year because it felt like more people went and it was smaller, but this year’s venue was better.

Some students added that it was just the same as last year’s; not better nor worse.

According to senior Melissa Smith, it was just as much fun last year as it was this year. She liked the Crystal Ballroom better because she thought the setup was nicer, which made for a really fun night. Compared to last year, it was still good and she had a lot of fun.

Nothing special seemed to be predominant in the venue of the prom this year. It was both good and bad with drawbacks.

Although if students were to pick between the two venues, the Crystal Ballroom would be a better selection.

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New venue for prom was mediocre