Out With The Old, In With The New

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   It’s the same cycle every year. As the school prepares to rid itself of this years’ seniors, it prepares itself for a new graduating class, as well as a new Varsity Football roster. After spending years with the same boys, they’ve come to recognize each other as family. The coaches have practically become their second set of parents and the teammates have become their siblings.

   Now, most are saying farewell, but not without some advice for future varsity players.

  “We get so pumped when we are ahead,” Said senior Austen Carpenter, “but as soon as something goes wrong it’s a domino effect leading to a blowout.”

  Carpenter has played for the school all four years. He plays football and baseball making him a multi-sport athlete. He will be dual-enrolled at OSU and Linn-Benton, yet plans to only play baseball for Linn-Benton. With a bright future ahead of him, he looks forward to graduation and moving up to the next level.

  He believes that, by becoming closer teammates with each other, the team can conquer.

  “Once you can trust your teammates and the coaches, any team can be unstoppable.” Carpenter said.

  Senior Noah Stake came to the team just this year, thinking he’d get zero playing time. However, the coaches saw potential, making him a starting player on the offensive line.

  “(I regret) not giving my all on the football field.” Stake said.

  It was his first year on the team. He felt that he may be left out because everyone already knew each other well. He made new friends, such as Dominic Martin and Tyler Pederson, who helped him keep going on the field.

  Furthermore, he gives new players some advice.

  “Give your all on that football field and for Gresham High School. Don’t sell yourself short on that field. Even if you’re losing 51 to 7, give your best effort every play.” Stake said.

 One player has advice that follows the companionship off the field. Senior Cameron Budge urges future players to hit the weight room with the whole team. It gives time for team bonding outside of practice.

  “Teams that lift together, win together.” Budge said..

  With support from new and old players, next year’s varsity team is hoping to be better than it’s predecessors. Regardless of what team comes out of that locker room, the players’ peers can’t wait go out and support their team.

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Out With The Old, In With The New