To go or Not to go, that is the school spirit question

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Photo Credit: Hannah Hemstad-Homecoming 2016


When the school has an assembly, are you one of the people cheering or are you sitting down waiting for the assembly to be over?

“Our assemblies used to be super interactive and fun,” said IB coordinator Kathy Childress.

Sometimes there are people who in assemblies simply sit down and do nothing, but wait for the whole ordeal to be over. However, if given the choice to go to the cafeteria and sit down and catch up on homework or be on their phones, they would much rather prefer that than watching boring events.

It is exciting once in awhile to go with a friend and cheer, but other times it is just more fun to go to the cafeteria and be on your phone. It is just more preferable to wait for the assembly to be over. Some students have their opinion about this topic and what they thought about school spirit. Evan Olson is a sophomore who does cross country and baseball.

“I personally feel that it’s very good to have school spirit, it gives me opportunities to chat about events with my friends,” Olson said.

Some people will agree with this statement, that Olson said but others will say different.

“During school it really doesn’t matter, but during sport events it matters,” sophomore Brian Hernandez Vasquez said.

From one point of view, people do not mind if you do or do not have school spirit, but others don’t care about school spirit because they are not in sports or other school events.

Someone can argue: well, it is your school, you should care and support the players. The few students who do not have school spirit do not necessarily care if we win or lose. If our events were to include more groups of students, maybe more people would care. If our sports teams, staff members, and teachers were more involved with our school events, then people would care more about the people and our school. Like an event that is volleyball team vs football team, people would be interested. So until more interactive events starts happening, people will continue not to care.