‘All Eyez on Me’ Falls short of Student Expectations

Makiya Franco, Staff Writer

Stark Street Cinemas showing “All Eyez on Me”  Credit Makiya Franco

“All Eyez on Me”, Tupac Shakur’s biographic profile was released June 16, 2017. The movie is a story about a rapper, actor, poet, and activist.

 The movie is 2 hours and 20 minutes long and unfolds his life from his days in New York growing up to be one of the most influential and acknowledged people of the 90s.

  “I enjoyed the movie, the actor played the role of Tupac fairly well and the scenes were interesting,” Junior Emijayh Flanagan said.

  With all of the positive feedback, the movie has seemed to grab more negative comments than expected. “All Eyez on Me” has a rating of 22% on Rotten Tomatoes, and an audience score of 66%. So what’s reason behind the negative reviews?

“I feel like the movie wasn’t enough. It went through his life but not enough to show who he was as a person and as an artist” sophomore Citlalli Lopez said.

 Student’s anger over the poor flim execution. Word has spread that it’s not what the trailer set it out to be and it’s not worth watching. Most say that is was a clumsy review of his life and only shows small parts of his actual personality, thought, and talent.

 “The producers and directors should have put more into the making of the movie because Tupac had such a big voice,” sophomore Chelsy Cortez said.  

 The biggest flaw of the movie that students are talking about, is the modernization throughout the whole film. During a few of the scenes Tupac had an IPhone and was using Instagram Live to preview music. It was shown that he then unfollowed his rival The Notorious B.I.G on Instagram.

 Not only is GHS talking about the factual inaccuracies the movie holds, the nation has joined the social media train to discuss how degrading the movie was towards Tupac, and other characters shown in the movie. One man even left the Theater when Tupac visited Obama at the White House. The movie has a great meaning, but was not delivered the way it should have been.