What does Measure 98 mean for students preparing to take the IB Tests this year?

Bailey Bates, Editor in Chief

  In the past, the International Baccalaureate (IB) exams cost students about $250 to take one test, including registration fees of $175, and a separate per-test fee ranging from $100 to $125. This year, with the funds granted through Oregon’s Measure 98, students could end up paying half of what was previously required.

  According to the Oregon.gov website, Measure 98 is an initiative allocating funding to three different goals: expanding career and technical programs, expanding college-level courses for students, and expanding dropout prevention programs.

  IB exams fall under the expansion of college-level courses, and the school seems to have decided to make IB exams more accessible by using Measure 98 funds to partially cover exam costs.

  “We are using some funding this year to cover the cost of the (IB) exams,” IB coordinator Kathy Childress explained during one of her presentations to senior classes.

  In early October, Childress went around to IB senior classes like English and history to walk through what Measure 98 would cover as far as their exam costs went.

  Because of this, Childress highly encourages everyone in IB to take the tests in the subjects they are studying. Free or reduced lunch students qualify for a total fee waiver for exams.

  Students who do not quality for free or reduced lunch, but do not believe they can cover the whole cost of the tests can apply for “scholarships” from Childress, meaning more funding from Measure 98 could be given to partially cover a student’s fees.

  “We have limited (funding) to give away, and we want to spread it to as many students as possible,” Childress said. “So we won’t be able to cover everything.”

  Measure 98 helping out with IB exam costs will be advantageous for students working toward a full IB diploma, because they have to take every exam in order to earn the diploma.

  “Last year I took one test, and it was like $180,” senior and IB diploma candidate Victoria Myers said. “Now it’ll be something like $250 for six tests, and I think that’s amazing.”

  IB exam registration forms are due to Childress by Oct. 31, and payments for the exams are due to the bookkeeper by Nov. 14.