IT Movie Review

Amellia Wells, Staff Writter

 On Friday Sept. 8, a remake of the classic horror movie IT was released in theaters. The movie was based off of Stephen King’s novel of the same name, about a creature that takes form as a clown and shows up every 27 years to go around a town terrorizing children, kidnapping, and killing them.

  The first thing one would expect from this horror movie remake is that it would be scary, and that it would have a lot of jump scares. A characteristic one would probably never expect from the mood of the movie would be comedy. Thankfully, there was quite a bit of comic relief in the movie.

  “I haven’t seen the old one, but the new one was pretty good,” junior Victoria Atiyeh said. “I liked how it was more about suspense than about gore, if that makes sense. The storyline was good too, and the characters were well developed.”

  As most people know, in 2016 there were multiple clown sightings and attacks reported in nearly all U.S. states, as well as in nine out of 13 Canadian provinces and territories, and 18 other countries. These sightings caused an uproar in society.

  Some people may believe that this new movie about a creature taking the form of a clown and kidnapping children might cause the terrorizing clowns trend to return from 2016.

  “I don’t think (the attacks will start back up). The movie is a remake of a classic horror movie. The clowns terrorizing America were just wannabes jumping on a trend from actual clown gangs,” junior Elena Richmond said.

  Atiyeh has a different opinion about the terrorizing clowns coming back though. She says that it could be possible because the movie has been promoted a lot and that it could have attracted the attention of the clowns.

  “The movie attracted a lot of attention and can possibly attract the attention of the terrorizing clowns.” says Atiyeh.

  Another unknown question about this movie is if it will cause people to become increasingly terrified of clowns. Some people have a terrible phobia of clowns, and there are some questions as to whether or not this movie will cause people to develop a fear of clowns, or even worsen a pre-existing phobia.

  “I don’t think (the phobia will worsen),” Laura Goyer, a Gresham community member said. “I think that people that just don’t like clowns are just always not going to. I don’t think this is going to spark any new phobia for people.