Varsity Football

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By Joshua

With a new year and a new football team, Gresham has had a successful season so far. So much more successful that the football players are starting to notice the difference in how well they are doing compared to last year.

  There are many new teammates this year, making the team very excited for the great things to come.

  Junior Noah Anderson has been playing football here since freshman year, and felt that this year, the mood within the team had shifted.

  “I feel like we have a lot more talent and team bonding this year,” Anderson said.

  Anderson also noted that the coaches have been putting on a lot more pressure this year, and that it’s really helping a lot.

 Junior Roman Bush expressed his hopes for the rest of the season,“We are expecting to make at least double our previous wins, and the new players on varsity are helping our new found team grittiness.”

  Coaches have been making the team do new hitting drills that they hope will help develop their skills, and ready them for coming games.

  “This season has been amazing so far. To start the season with a 4-2 record is a complete game changer. We aren’t the same team we were last year. We will continue to get better,” senior Harley Flannel said.

  Flannel also mentioned that he noticed that the coaches are more involved, and that they are always with them no matter what.

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Varsity Football