GHS Toy Drive

Amellia Wells, Staff Writer

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On November 30, the annual Toy Drive at Gresham High School, to collect toys from students to give to children in need, started. Leadership, and the person that donated the most, will be delivering the toys to KGW’s studio on December 18. The theme for this years Toy drive was Monsters Inc. Leadership collected the toys on Monday’s, Wednesday’s, and Friday’s during third period and will be stop collecting on Friday December 15.

  The school gave the students an opportunity to bring smiles to the children’s faces with gifts for Christmas. This brought many students inner joy, to know that they made a child’s christmas just the slightest bit better. One student that attends this school had the full experience with toy donations, from receiving donated toys when she was a child to donating to other kids now that she is in high school.

  “For me this made my Christmas. It made me really happy, I kept the toys around until middle school and then I donated them. I think that giving that experience to those that can not afford it is really important, so that they (children in need) could enjoy the same things.” said a Junior that attends Gresham High School.

  Many students think that the toy drive is a great experience for everyone, for the donors and the ones receiving the donated toys. One student that donated thinks donating the toys is a good thing because it brings joy to the kids and it makes their holiday season better.

  “Yeah, it is just a small something that can really make someone’s holiday better,” Senior Ashe Voltin said.

  Many students donated money and toys to the Toy Drive and made it a very successful one. The third period class that donated the most got a champion banner to hang in their class so, congratulations and thanks goes to the third period class who donated the most!

  One student that has been in leadership for all 4 years of high school, was pretty upset that she could not help deliver the toys to KGW last year due to the snow days. She had done it the years before and really enjoyed it, but thankfully she will be able to help deliver them this year.

  “I was bummed (I couldn’t help deliver the toys last year) because I had gone the year before and it was a great experience and it was awesome knowing that the toys I was helping gather were going to kids and would bring them a smile.” Senior Delaney Johnston said.

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GHS Toy Drive