Out with old, in with the new

New chromebases in the library

New chromebases in the library

New chromebases in the library

Samantha Acosta, Staff Writer

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 This year the technology at Gresham High has switched-over to Chrome-OS products. Some have seen the new computers in the library, or even some classrooms that use the laptops. Out with the old, in with the new.

  It was the district that made the decision to get new computers. MaryAnn Peterson, the school’s Computer Network Technician, led the job to get rid of the old computers and replace them with the new. Out in the open computer lab in the library, the computers are now “chromebases” and the screens are much bigger. The school switched to chromebooks because they are much cheaper to buy and repair.

  “I’m not exactly sure what kind of technology we would use in the future but at this point it’s more of a what we need in our technology for us to use” Peterson said.

  With the new computers, one thing that many students forget to do is to sign out. Many think that since they sign out of their email,they are completely signed out, but with these new chromebooks the first thing students are asked to do is to sign in to their school account.

   “Students should remember to sign out because there are other students that will mess around with your email,” Peterson said.

  Many teachers have been using the carts of laptops back and forth in the history hallway.

  “I had the older ones last year, now I have the new ones and they’re more functional” English teacher Alethea Work said.

  Students agree that the Chromebooks are more functional and simple. Chromebooks are a part of google and students also have school emails through google, so students can sign right into their account on the computers.

  “It’s nice using the new laptops and it’s also better that once we sign in we’re already signed into our school google account” junior Nayely Ruiz said.  It’s helpful because it’s just one step instead of going through multiple steps. Teachers have been going back in fourth with the carts full of laptops and have been using them a lot more. They have been using Google Classroom or having students turn in other school work. “I use Google Classroom because it’s much easier to collect work and it’s more organized” English teacher Breanne Carlisle said. The new technology will help students and teachers throughout the year.

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Out with old, in with the new