Coming soon: A new Gresham High School


credit: Samantha Acosta

Model for new school

Samantha Acosta, Staff writer

After the school bond was passed in November, many new plans have been under way. With the school being over 111 years old, a new change is big news, though Gresham High is going to face new changes and challenges with the building being torn down.

  Starting in April, the school is going to start cleaning and disconnecting the equipment in the art and tech building. Construction to take down and rebuild the school will take place right after school ends in June.

  Teachers that are in the art and tech building will be removed and will have to take their belongings into empty classrooms for the meantime. The building will then have everything cleared out for it to be torn down over the summer. The teachers in the 400 building will remain untouched till the school year is over.

  Art teacher Andrea Paris has a lot of art equipment in her classroom, so hearing the news that the 400 building will not being touched until June, is great news.

  “It makes me happy, (because it) means more time in my classroom,” Paris said.Teachers and the other staff are excited about the new changes that are going to happen.  

“New positive changes are going to be happening,” Principal Michael Schaefer said.

  In the new building they will update the girls’ locker room, add a new gym as well as a new weight room, a courtyard, leadership room, and a new pool lobby. Many students are excited for these new plans.

  “Well I feel that it’s a good that the school is finally starting to rebuild and make the school look a little bit newer, I’m sure it will make our school look way better” Senior Joseph Robles said.

  There is not a specific date on when the school will be finished. It will take up to two years, which means it will be finished around the year 2020. This year’s freshmen and sophomores will still get to see the finishing touches of the new school building. Get ready for a new look at Gresham High School.