Hurricane Relief

Katie Cruz, Staff Writer

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Recently, the school held a fundraiser called ”Top off the Truck,” that went through to the end of September. Students had the chance to donate school supplies for schools in Houston who desperately needed them. The fundraiser, which covered the 18 schools within the Gresham-Barlow school district, the Chamber of Commerce office and the police department, received enough donations to fill up 70 boxes.

            “These donations will help Houston area schools as they work to recover from the devastating impacts of Hurricane Harvey,”said Gresham-Barlow School District Superintendent Dr. A. Katrise Perera. “I am grateful to our community partners who assisted us in this effort. I hope these donations remind the students and staff in Houston that people from across the country are thinking of them during this challenging time.”

             Schools in Houston needed supplies because Hurricane Harvey hit them and may have destroyed a lot of their equipment and supplies. The schools in Houston and surrounding areas needed pens, pencils, notebook paper, spiral notebooks, and other essential school supplies.

The donated items were expected to arrive in Houston on Oct. 23.

The school community wanted to help by bringing in as many pencils and packs of paper as possible, to make sure that students in Texas got what they needed.

  “When we have a moment and can help people that need help, we have a lot of people that could give a little bit to be able to contribute,” Activities director Ty Gonrowski said.