What seniors should be doing as college application season comes to a close


Bailey Bates

A table outlining some important dates and website relating to college/scholarships

Bailey Bates, Editor in Chief

  College application season is an overwhelming time for seniors. If they do not seek help themselves, how are they to know whether or not they are on track?

  It can be easy to get overwhelmed by applications and essays, so as deadlines draw near it is important to keep in mind some helpful tips.

  Though many colleges will close their applications in January or February, it is recommended to have had applications in by early December. Do not panic if you have not gotten those applications in quite yet, though.

  “Christmas holiday break (is) a great time to get (applications) in,” College and Career Center coordinator Kendra Maddox said.

  Maddox also mentioned the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), which opened on October first. She recommended that if seniors have not filed the FAFSA yet, they should do so as soon as possible, so they can start receiving money for school.

  It is recommended that students get their FAFSAs filed and have other scholarship applications in by January, even if the final deadlines are not until later on.

  If you plan on going to community college and have, or will have, a 2.5+ GPA, you qualify for the Oregon Promise, which will guarantee 2 years tuition-free at a community college.

  Maddox encourages students who have below a 2.5 to go ahead and apply for the Oregon Promise anyway.

  “Even if you’re under a 2.5, that’s fine to apply,” Maddox said. “Because it’s when you graduate with a 2.5.”

  So, why is preparedness important when it comes to college application season? Senior Kaitlyn Allison puts it perfectly.

  “Early acceptance and decision made me feel very secure and not stressed out,” Allison said. “It’s really nice not having to worry about that now, on top of all my classes.”

  The earlier you can get your applications in, the less stress you seniors will have as late winter comes around, and application season wraps up.