IB welcomes new teacher

Katie Cruz, Staff Writer

Gresham High School has been honored to receive new teachers this school year. As a community, the school always tries to welcome new teachers to GHS. Amanda Williams recently moved to Oregon from Arizona.

  When Williams taught in Arizona, there for nine years and worked in two separate charter schools.  She currently teaches IB History of the Americas and US History in room 222. Previously she taught US History, Economics, Government, Philosophy, and World History.

  Williams strives to educate her students about how to critically think about the lessons learned from history because “history isn’t just black and white,” Williams said.

  “In Arizona, the job market for teachers is very different than here. There wasn’t a lot of job openings when I moved to Oregon,” Williams said.

     All of the students enjoy her teaching style. She is very interactive with the student’s and lets them have input on the activities done in class.”She’s very kind, respectful and always ready to help” said sophomore Naomi Thompson who has Williams first period.

  According to Williams, here in Oregon you could apply for one job position and be accepted to multiple different job positions, but in Arizona the job market is a lot slimmer, which means it is harder for you to be accepted to multiple jobs and you have less of a chance to be offered a job.

  All of the teachers and students  have been accepting of Williams and they have helped her get used to the school.  

  “The teachers are very welcoming and have done a great job in making sure I have what I need,” Williams said.