Gresham Hosts Their Annual Murder Mystery!

Anice Sogiar, Staff Writer

  On October 6, 7 and 8, the Gresham High School drama department hosted a Murder Mystery play in the school cafeteria. This year’s Murder Mystery was organized in order to fund the Spring Musical which will be performed in 2018.

  The production was co-directed by department director Sara Dempsey and junior Alaina Vulkenaar. Senior Mat Cornett wrote the script, and tickets were sold by the cast. Extra money was raised during intermission where cast walked around with jars where you could donate a dollar to guess who the murderer was.

  “We were both very satisfied with what we created cast-wise, it’s probably the perfect cast for this show, if there ever could be one,” said Cornett “I felt like this was a great opportunity to bridge the drama department together, and for us all to have fun.”

  The theme for this year’s Murder Mystery was Murder In Wonderland, a spinoff of Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland. In this spin off, Alice’s fellow characters in wonderland start dying at her unbirthday party, and the party attendees that are left standing have to try to figure out who the murderer is. Although not an option to guess with the guessing jars, it was discovered that the Knave of Hearts played by Robert Harris who was disguised as the carpenter, was the murderer.

  When asked to describe his version of the play, Cornett had only one word: madness. Although the play may be described as madness, the cast described the behind-the-scenes in a different way.

  “I was both nervous and excited for opening night, and a little nervous because you never know what could happen during a show night, but (I was) also really excited because it’s such a fun show and Mrs. Dempsey knows how to put on a good production,” junior Shannon John, who plays the dormouse said.