Homecoming Week & Dance Recap!

Anice Sogiar, Staff Writer

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The school hosted the yearly homecoming week, October 9 through 11, and the homecoming dance was held on Thursday the 12. Homecoming spirit week was planned & executed by students in leadership and on student council.

  This year’s homecoming week consisted of an assembly, which included skits from each grade, dress up days, the Reynolds vs Gresham football game, and of course the homecoming dance. All of this was organized & executed by students in leadership and on student council.

  “Homecoming is a big event that student council worked hard to pull together in such little time,” My TungKongNuch, senior and ASB president said. “This is probably the event that the whole class has to spend the most time on outside of school to get together and work on.”

  The theme this year was “jerseys.” Each grade had a sport to plan their outfits around. Freshmen had soccer, sophomores had basketball, juniors had football, and seniors had baseball.

  “The themes, and how hard people have been working to get it perfect makes me very excited to go,” junior Victoria Atiyeh said. “I think it’s unique how our school is doing homecoming this year, there’s no need for expensive dresses or suits, only a jersey, and that’s pretty rare.”

  Although it was a three day week we still had scheduled dress up days. Monday was matching day where students matched with their friends, Tuesday was tacky tourist day, students could wear anything related to being a tourist, and Wednesday was jersey day.

   “The energy at the game was insane everybody was decked out in gopher gear and had blue pom-poms, it was a great time and I really enjoyed myself.” Elena Richmond a junior explained.

   The dance was held after the game on Thursday. The school spirit at the dance was said to be humongous, which could’ve been a factor in our win!