New high school is a major need: leaky classrooms and mice are seen daily


Kayla Hoyt

Downstairs by the main office, pieces of the ceiling panels are breaking off and showing what is above.

Kayla Hoyt, Staff Writer

  In April of 2018 Gresham High will begin construction on the new building. After 18 years of not having money to pass the bond, the surrounding community finally did it. Though there is a new school to look forward to, why not look around the school we have now? There are a lot of reasons why this new school is needed.

  “The problem areas for leaks are mostly in the classrooms and the main building, which is the oldest part of the school,” head custodian RJ Connell said.

  Connell also noted that he has seen hundreds of mice getting caught in traps just since the beginning of the 2017-18 school year. Leaks, mice, cracks, and more are all around us.

  “I’m very excited for this opportunity to use my skills and training to keep our new school clean, and well maintained for you students and staff who enter into our new facility each day. I hope that students will take pride in our new building and our school community,” Connell said.

  Most teachers are just excited for students to have a better learning environment. History teacher Dan Anderson said that the heater in his classroom was not working, and he also had ceiling tiles with water leaks.

  “I am most excited to have modernized classrooms and a layout that is more conducive. Also to have cleaner rooms,” Anderson said.

  Apart from all the damages and things that could be better about our current school, the history of it will be missed. After talking to teachers around the building, they all agree that we should look forward to a fresh start in the new building and take pride in it after it gets rebuilt.