Maze Runner: Death Cure Review

Katie Cruz, Staff Writer

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The film Maze Runner: The Death Cure premiered on Jan 26, 2018 and stars Dylan O’Brien and Thomas Brodie-Sangster. The movie is directed by Wes Ball, and due to the popularity of his past movies in the series, the expectations for this film were set high.

 Everyone should go and watch this movie because the many characters, such as Newt, had a bigger role than in the first and second movies. Also, the way Sangster portrayed his role was different because he made more appearances and had his own conflicts, which made the movie more enjoyable to watch.

  The last movie in the Maze Runner series was released in 2015, meaning this movie was greatly anticipated and long-awaited.

  The previous movie ended with the surviving gladers and the people that they found creating a plan to rescue the immune from WCKD. The remaining gladers, Thomas, Newt, Frypan and a few other people went on a mission to rescue Minho and other immune children who were captured by WCKD. They are faced with the challenges of defeating the cranks and WCKD’s army to get to freedom.

   Compared to the previous films in the series, the performance of the actors in the third movie had a greater impact and they showed more emotion because of the situations they were placed.

  Many theater-goers were ecstatic that the producers did not go too far from the book, and were pleasantly surprised by how much they liked the movie.

  “The movie was very well done, it mostly followed the book, (and) it was an action-packed adventure that kept me on the edge of my seat,” junior Julia Moss said.

  Some fans of the series do not agree with the fact that the movie followed the book because they were looking for more character and plot development in the movies.  However, others believe directors should have made a better attempt at relating the movie to the book.  Some character’s deaths had a different effect in the book than the movie. Also, the importance of Newt in the movie was more relevant than in the book.

  “He didn’t die in the book like he was supposed to in the movie, but I did cry, that’s for sure. He kept telling Thomas to kill him so when Thomas said that he was gonna save him, that was just really depressing,” freshman Maria Fesik said.

“(The third movie) was better than the rest because Scorch Trials was nothing like the book and in some parts I got really mad because they took out the parts that affected me emotionally and it kinda hurt”

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Maze Runner: Death Cure Review