Scary Hours review: Chart topper and heart stopper


Omar Carrillo, Associate Editor

After almost a year of hiatus, Toronto rapper Drake has released his newest EP “Scary Hours”.  He dropped his previous project “More Life,” in 2017, which received fair praise, especially for the featured hits “ Passionfruit” and “Portland,” as well as “Fake Love”.

  So did “Scary Hours” live up to Drake’s reputation?

  The first thing of note regarding this record would be the length; it is considerably short, being only a couple of tracks long, even for an EP. Drake still manages to pack it to the brim with his signature style though, combining traditional hip-hop lyricism with Jamaican-inspired beats and composing. The production, as is often true in Drake’s projects, is expertly executed. Featuring a small team of experienced producers, it truly ties together all aspects of both songs, and delivers that clean finished sound that all rap artists strive for.

  Having been released after a considerable pause in his career (though arguably not too long of a pause), this EP surprised many for its replayability and content, especially knowing the actual project in its entirety is only a little less than 8 minutes. “God’s Plan” in particular has without question been one of the biggest songs of the year, and anyone with a radio would agree, as the song has topped the BIllboard Hot 100 charts for five consecutive weeks since it’s release (as of February 28). Many would argue this is not only one of the best songs of the season, but one of Drake’s greatest songs of all time.

  “Diplomatic Immunity” has also no doubt shown its importance in his discography, being a much more somber, but still very catchy addition to his repertoire.

  If “Scary Hours” is our closest peek into Drake’s future endeavours, it is truly an optimistic sight indeed. At this point we know what to expect from the artist, and that is not necessarily a good or bad thing. If he can follow up this new set as well as he has shown to be able to do in the past, then we are in for a memorable experience very soon.