Cafeteria food quality

GHS students at the cafeteria

GHS students at the cafeteria

GHS students at the cafeteria

Cyra Stewart, Cub Writer

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Many students have complaints about the school cafeteria food and its quality. Some people have had incidents with our food, including a junior at our school who found a fruit sticker on her sandwich. She was in art teacher Hoan Tran’s classroom while eating lunch, and had taken a bite, when she realized she could not bite all the way through, then pulled out the sticker.

  Fifteen years ago when Tran first started teaching here, she forgot her lunch one day and had to get something from the cafeteria. First, she got a piece of pizza and had thought the cheese was sticking to her teeth, but it was that the dough was not all the way cooked. She then went and bought a chicken sandwich that was also undercooked.

  “That one incident had ruined the lunches here for me,” Tran said.

  All school food services have the same requirements as any restaurant, If someone were to make enough complaints, the Health Department would have to perform an investigation to see if the food and facilities are up to code.

  The most recent Federal Health food guidelines released in relation to school food were written by Michelle Obama. These guidelines include recommendations such as smoothies being offered, salad bars required as an option, formulated grain/ fruit products with yogurt, tofu as an option.

  “I have never had our school lunches, because I’m working (while lunch is going on),” Vice Principal Erin Voelker said.

  Voelker said she had also not heard any previous complaints regarding the school food.

“The school lunches here are not the best that they could be,” freshman Emma Nudo said.

  Nudo said that she has had experiences not just with her food, but with the milk. She claims it had been expired, chunky.

    Past experiences may be the reason many students do not like our cafeteria food. Also, this may be why we are allowed off campus for lunch.

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Cafeteria food quality