Les Miserables: The last musical in the GHS auditorium

Merisa Taylor, Cub Writer

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Les Miserables, the last musical to be performed in the old auditorium, debuted in March and was a very special piece for the drama department.

The actors and crew worked hard on the show. Les Mis was a two-hour musical full of singing and catchy tunes. “Musicals have more soul to them, they bring people together in a way normal plays can’t. ” said senior Kaitlyn Allison, Stage Manager for Les Mis. “It takes a great amount of work and a lot of commitment from the theater students to bring a musical of this scale to fruition.

 “The payoff is really worth it,” said Allison, the actors and crew workers stay after school for hours of rehearsal.  

  The auditorium is being rebuilt next year, so this performance was special as the auditorium is leaving behind many memories for past and present Gresham high school drama students.

 “It’s time for a new home,” said Dempsey.

  Les Mis is a remarkable, well known musical. Many agree it’s an excellent choice to close out the old theatre

  “The most important part was a line in the epilogue that said,  ‘Remember the truth that was once spoken, to love another person is to see the face of God,’” said senior Jorden Moss, an actor in Les Mis. “That line really shows how happiness can only be reached through love.”

 Les Mis is inspiring for many people. “This musical was made to touch people’s lives,” said Moss, and for many people, it really did warm their hearts.      

  The actors and crew worked together closely while preparing for and performing the musical.

  “We get to make friends and bond during the production,” Allison said.The tight bonds formed allowed for some great acting and a great way to close out the auditorium. “All our combined work helped make something amazing,” said Allison.


“I love the cast, I sometimes call it my dream cast,” Dempsey said.