Are High School Relationships Important?


Anna Slaughter

Tenicy Wiker and Antone Lopez showing the importance of young, high school love.

Anna Slaughter , Cub Writer

 Are high school relationships actually important? That is a huge question when reflecting on relationships as a student.

  According to Brandon Gaille, marketing expert and blogmaster, high school sweethearts that wait until at least the age of 25 to get married have a 10-year success rate of 78 percent.

  High school relationships can be meaningful in so many ways. Freshman Hayley Sanders believes they can be impactful for your future relationships.

  “It gives you a chance to possibly find that one person you’re gonna be with for the rest of your life,” Sanders said.

  Freshman David Collins had a slightly different view saying that they can be meaningful if those involved in a relationship are faithful, and understand what they are doing.

  “I love (my current boyfriend) more than the guy I dated before,” freshman Tenicy Wiker said. “he treats me better and I have insecurities that he knows how to handle.”

  It is important to be familiar with the good and bad parts of the people you date, you can work through those and appreciate one another for who you are. Trying to be somebody you are not, to appear more likable, is not part of a meaningful relationship, and it is not healthy.

 Communication is key. Not just for relationships, but for almost everything. Relationships need a lot of communication, or you will not know what is happening with your partner.

  “I feel like the more (my partner and I) talk, the closer we get,” Sanders said.

  Collins, on the other hand, noted that he had a different experience in communicating with his girlfriend.

  “My communication with my girlfriend mostly consists of positive things about her and ‘I love you’,” Collins said.

  Meaningful high school relationships need communication, honesty and real love. All relationships need those three things, but at this age, we are all learning what is good for us and what is not.