Teens and Fashion

Evynn Crenshaw, Cub Writer

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Fashion is important. It helps you express yourself without even saying anything. Fashion shows people who you are.

  Finding their style is one of many things a teen has to figure out. In today’s society, people either want to stand out or fit in.

  “Everyone has their own style that they like,” freshman Kasey Gilliard said. “Some people like to make their own (style) or follow the trends.”

  Because of this, everywhere you go you see many different styles.

  “My style is different from others, but it’s what I like,” freshman Kaia Huffman said.

  There are arguments that many people dress similar, and some actually do. By dressing the same or similar to others, people are expressing that they like to follow the trends that are in style at the moment.

  “I think that if you hang out with a group of people you start to dress like them because you have things in common,” Gilliard said.

  Teens like to take inspiration from other people’s ideas, which is normal. The people you hang out with probably have an influence on what you like to wear.

  “I would say my friends and I have a similar style,” Huffman said. “We like to share each other’s clothes.”

  In high school, teens are trying to figure themselves out and their style is a big part of that.

  “When I was in high school I cared what people thought of my clothes,” Oregon City High School graduate Lindsey Kruckman said. “Until I didn’t anymore. I started dressing how I wanted and it really helped me figure out who I was.”

  Fashion is important to creating a unique sense of self.

  “Finding my style has made me who I am,” Kruckman said.